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"My Life Was Changed" Commercial
Listen to Olga as she describes her life before she knew about



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Approximate Running Time: 1 min.


She had no friends. She had low self-esteem. She was experiencing physical problems because of it. Listen to My Life Was Changed as Olga describes her troublesome past, and see how can help you make a significant change in your life.

Behind the Scenes

You've seen the commercials where people pull themselves up by their bootstraps. You've heard the dramatic accounts of self-help. The webmaster decided to add a flavor of this in this commercial. It took him nearly two hours to get this commercial just right.


In an attempt to create a commercial for the Odyssey Scoop, Jacob decided to produce a comedic installment that listeners would enjoy listening to. Instead of creating an average, forgettable audio clip, the webmaster decided to create a series of spoofs to make listeners chuckle.

Did You Know?

The voice in this audio commercial is not a real person! With advances in technology come better and better synthesized voices.





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