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AIO Survivor Trailer
During the site's earlier years, it occurred to us that maybe we could produce an audio reality show, with Odyssey characters fighting for immunity in the deepest, darkest jungles of somewhere. Yeah right.



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Approximate Running Time: 1 min.


The AIO Survivor Trailer was released on the website in October 2001. The point of this promo was to spark interest in a new audio show that cousins Jacob and Caleb had planned on creating called ComedyAIO. A new "AIO Survivor" would be released for a ten week season, the game following the format of "AIO Survivor" television show. Based on the Soda Fountain's version of the game, "AIO Survivor" would capture the hearts of the AIO characters in their true forms, providing entertainment for the target audience. Unfortunately, "AIO Survivor" never made it off its feet. Scriptwriting was extremely stressful and production never began.

Behind the Scenes

Usually when you think of writing scripts, you don't imagine two dorky kids sitting in squeaky computer chairs drinking iced tea. Though this sound clip didn't require a script, it did take time to write the trailer, and Jacob and Caleb did drink iced tea!

Did You Know?
The voice you hear on the trailer isn't real. Caleb Soudry recorded his voice and synthesized his voice with a program called Creative.






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