Why is there something instead of nothing? -Submitted by Sonuna H.

Nothing ever EVER popped into my thinking to answer this type of an AIO FAQ question until you popped in, Sonuna. You really are something! Well, if there is something instead of nothing, that would mean that the word "some" comes before "thing," "no" comes before "thing," and "something" comes after "nothing." If you have something, it definitely came from something else. But if you'd like to put it in terms of creation, God took nothing and created something. He didn't even need that nothing. God's Word proves it. God just spoke and "something" (IE: creation) appeared.

Does the idea of "nothing" even exist? If there is a "something", what defines the word "nothing"? I don't understand your meaning, Sonuna. For example, if I walk up to you (we're real good pals, just imagine) and ask you, "What's new, Sonuna?" to which you respond, "Nothing." -- That indeed is a lie, for you can never be doing nothing, which means you were doing something. If you were doing nothing, you would be dead. So in other words, I must have walked up to you, asked, "What's new, Sonuna?" to which you responded, "Nothing," meaning you were dead. Either that, or you didn't exist yet. If I walked up to you, asked, "What's new Sonuna?" to which you responded, "Nothing," meaning you also could have been nonexistent yet. But then we contradict ourselves here. You just said "Nothing," which meant you just said something, which means you were doing something! You hypocrite, Sonuna! You should be ashamed of yourself! Maybe next time you ask an AIO FAQ question, you should sort out your "nothing's" and "something's" before thinking of nothing worth answering.

Am I confusing you yet or am I confusing myself? Now that's really something.

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