I just found your site and am thrilled.  I am so curious about Adventures in Odyssey. Now, I want to know the name of the actor who plays Jimmy Barclay once he has become an adolescent and his voice has changed. I cannot find that information on your site.
-Submitted by Julia

Julia, I'm so glad to to make your acquaintance! I'm also glad to hear that you're curious about Adventures in Odyssey. It's quite a program, isn't it? As for Jimmy Barclay's character, a guy named David Griffin played Jimmy Barclay for years on the show. David Griffin played Jimmy throughout the series, and looks like one of the longest-lived child characters EVER on AIO. That's a mystery because usually characters come and go, but Jimmy keeps arriving in new episodes every few years. Now we just need Donna to show up and all will be well. For more information on Mr. Griffin, click here.

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