Why isn't Mr. Whittaker teaching the Bible and telling stories anymore? And why don't people get in the Imagination Station anymore? -Submitted by Hannah

The primary focus during the existence of Adventures in Odyssey has been to teach children (and families) principles from the Word of God. In the early days of the series, Mr. Whittaker (voiced by Hal Smith) brought a very warm Mr. Whittaker to the show. When Hal Smith passed away, the team was at a loss. Several years later, the new Whit (voiced by Paul Herlinger) stepped into his place and has tried to fit the part that was lost. I do not blame the actors for not having a focus on the Bible anymore. The writers have slowly taken the show to a new format over the years. The show has covered an abundant amount of Bible stories, and the team is running out of stories to tell. Whether Whit tells a story or a character takes a ride in the Imagination Station, it doesn't matter. The Bible is what it is, and a show that has run so constant and true is running out of stories to tell.

We have, on the other hand, seen the team take new approaches with Bible stories. They have re-taught some of them in Kids Radio and BTV styles. We've seen how the writers have made difficult efforts to continue to bring the Bible to life.

I'll be the first to admit that I miss the Imagination Station stories and Whit's godly advice. But that's why all the albums are on CD now. We can listen to them any time we want!

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