I was just wondering if you will bring Whit's daughter Jana back with her grown children? -Submitted by KJ

KJ, I wondered the same thing several years ago. I was (and am) a fan of the Whittaker-Dowd family (notice the hyphenation) for a while and e-mailed Focus on the Family about the issue. Unfortunately FOTF's response was not uplifting: We currently have no plans to bring back Whit's grandchildren. I was naturally unhappy at the turn of events.


Allow me to speculate as to why AIO doesn't plan on bringing back the Whittaker-Dowds (again, notice the hyphenation). Perhaps it is because Whit's grandchildren have grown up. It's been a long-known policy that once a kid (especially a boy) hits his/her teen years, it's time to leave the show. Except for rare occasions (Jimmy Barclay for example), this has always been a policy in the AIO world.

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