Where do you find the answers to your questions? -Submitted by Wondering

Hello, Wondering. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. This section was started to help answer some of your questions, along with some of mine. Sometimes people ask the strangest questions, or even say the weirdest statements instead of questions.

Wondering, it's actually a good idea for you to submit a question like this, that way you'll know how I know these answers. For if you say you "know" something but you really don't know something, then you are lying. When I don't know the answers to questions I go to reliable sources. Sources at the AIO team. Sources that know things.

In reality, I know very little of some of the answers to everyone's questions. Sometimes someone asks a questions that only requires 30 seconds of thought. 30 seconds of thought can actually help in some situations because a lot of questions being asked here are all a matter of logic. Others are not so easy to answer by just using my small pea of a brain. That is when I rely on someone who knows something.

Also I'll occasionally go to an unexpected source for my answers: the fans. I know some people who know things. It's amazing how convenient it is to rely on somebody who actually knows things, especially if they're just the fans. Sometimes the answers are right under our noses!

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