Is the voice of Aubrey's father the same guy who played "Killer" in "Slap Shot"? -Submitted by T. Smith

T. Smith, you sure have good ears! I did some researching and discovered that you're absolutely right. Aubrey's father is played by Jerry Houser. Jerry Houser also played Jellyfish and Isaac Morton's father on the show. You may remember Jerry Houser as Phil Monroe Sr. on "The Adventures of McGee," a production of Focus on the Family years ago. Jerry Houser has been involved with other works, such as "Darkwing Duck," "Charlotte's Web 2," "Aladdin," and many more. And the character you're referring to is Dave 'Killer' Carlson in an episode of "Slap Shot" in 1977. You have good ears, T. Smith, and you win the golden cigar this time. You can access more information on his Adventures in Odyssey characters here and see photos, or see his other works at his IMDb link.

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