Why doesn't Pamela Hayden play Katrina anymore? Will she ever return to the series or will it always be the 'new' Katrina? -Submitted by Hilary

The 'new' Katrina. Now we're all just hoping that Pamela Hayden will come back to Adventures in Odyssey in the near future. We're all wishing that we could have the old Katrina Shanks Meltsner back. Pamela Hayden is a well-accomplished actress and has many credits to her name. However, she will no longer be gracing us with the Katrina Shanks Meltsner that we have grown to know and love over the years. When Eugene came back to Odyssey, we were all expecting both Will Ryan (Eugene) and Pamela Hayden (Katrina) to be available. We got Eugene back, but now it seems as if we've lost the real Katrina. Audrey Wasilewski, voice of the 'new' Katrina Meltsner, has done a wonderful job at imitating Pamela's voice since her appearance. At first I was a little upset as you are, Hilary, but the longer you get to know a voice replacement, the more you accept them. Take Paul Herlinger, for example. Hal Smith played John Avery Whittaker since the beginning of the show, and when he passed away, fans wanted Whit to come back to Odyssey. Then in came Paul Herlinger, and most of us were a little untrusting of the new voice. Yet, as time passed, he fulfilled the job of being Whit very well. Now, fans trust the new Whit. Interestingly, Paul Herlinger has been with the program and appears in more albums than Hal Smith did in his time with the show. Hal Smith was a wonderful actor, but Paul Herlinger proves to be one as well.

Characters come and go. Some stay, and some get replaced with other actors. But Adventures in Odyssey successfully communicates Christian messages that build character in listeners around the world. Just give it some time, Hilary. Though Audrey Wasilewski is here to stay, the fans are as well. Let's give her a chance. We may be a little surprised.

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