If the old Whit died, then how did he do his last show where he went to the Middle East? I thought he died suddenly. - Submitted by Colby Blackburn

Colby, you're absolutely right. Hal Smith, the voice of the original John Avery Whittaker, passed away. And the episode Gone... seemed pretty miraculous, didn't it? Not really. Cut-n-paste, my man. Cut-n-paste. Every clip of Mr. Whittaker you hear in that episode was picked and edited from previous AIO shows to make you believe it was him. The team chose just enough clips of Hal Smith over the years to make it believable, yet placed very little of his voice to make it all the more believable. They don't want people recognizing past clips, now do they?

To tell you the truth, I noticed it. Yes, I notice a lot of things...

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