What is the best way to obtain episodes not included in an album? I finally have all the albums now but there are a few episodes I've never heard and am curious about: Train Ride, One Bad Apple, etc. How did you get those episodes? -Submitted by James

It's nice to know you have collected all of the albums, James! I too finally finished my collection and was very sad that some episodes aren't included in albums. That is why I decided to write my Congressman on the matter (well... not exactly). I wrote to Focus on the Family suggesting that they produce a "Classics" album which includes episodes such as "Train Ride," "Pamela Has a Problem," and "One Bad Apple." Unfortunately they didn't have any plans to release an album of that magnitude. So...

I waited. And lo and behold, the Gold Audio Series released a collection called The Lost Episodes. It contains quite a few episodes that were never placed into albums. Unfortunately, we are still at a point where some episodes are still unavailable. For a complete list of episodes not included in an album, click here. You can order some of these episodes from Focus on the Family:

1. Call Focus on the Family (1-800-A-FAMILY)   or

2. Write to Focus on the Family and ask how you can get a copy of unreleased episodes. Be sure and ask for a complete listing of all the Adventures in Odyssey products or obtain an online version here. You'll need a specific episode code for each episode when ordering. Focus on the Family can be contacted at:

Adventures in Odyssey

Colorado Springs, CO  80995


Or in Canada write to:


Vancouver B.C. V6B 4G3

Option 1 might be easier if you just call them and ask for all the specific episodes you want, then you'll save some time. Option 2 might be just a little different if you decide to order by phone. Either way will get the unreleased episodes in your hands.

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