Why did Lucy have to leave the show? That was really a bummer. -Submitted by Michelle


Unfortunately, due to the fact that life is such a short lived experience, childhood soon takes a person into adulthood. Lucy Schultz' character appeared in the earliest of the early days of the program and was blessed enough (by the AIO team of writers) to stay on Adventures in Odyssey for years. Lucy's character first appeared on the program in Return to the Bible Room (according to album order), and her last appearance was in It's a Wrap!


While it may seem sad that Lucy had to leave, we must also take into consideration that all the other original characters were booted off the show as well. Jimmy Barclay, Donna Barclay, Robyn Jacobs, Melanie Jacobs, Isaac Mortan, Jack Davis, etc. all went off at their appropriate times. The Barclays and Lucy Schultz were fortunate and blessed enough to have the opportunity to continue on the program for the longest amount of time. The Barclays first appeared in Family Vacation and exited in Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., and were later blessed once again to pop in for another visit in It's a Pokenberry Christmas.


Many in the AIO audience weren't too happy about the shifting times, but the Odyssey team knows what they're doing. I must admit as well that... that really was a bummer. Lucy made an exciting appearance in The Triangled Web during the "Best Small Town Competition" competition.

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