I was looking at the Actors & Crew thing and saw that Kyle Massey played the old Marvin. I was just wondering if Kyle was a Christian? -Submitted by Amanda

It looks like Amanda really likes the Actors & Crew section! So do I. It's one of the sections here that I'm quite fond of. It looked absolutely ghastly in the beginning years of the site and pretty much required a redesign, which you're seeing now. Amanda, I'm sure you're probably aware, but if you're not, I'll just go ahead and tell you. The Adventures in Odyssey team seeks voices who are talented and can put a character's part together. Sometimes they find Christian actors, and other times they find non-Christians to act for them. Either way, they're doing a good job. The Bible even tells us to be "in the world and not of it." I think that AIO has done a good job of seeking accomplished actors and actresses who, at the bottom line, succeed at putting voices to the script. As Christians, we can associate with the unsaved and still glorify God in the process. As we remain separated from the world (distinctly different) as we interact with them, God's glory can be known.

In answer to your question, Amanda, I'm not sure if Kyle Massey is a Christian. I guess that's between Kyle and the Lord. Regardless, the team has been able to give God the glory with him.

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