Does Jack Allen have a family? What became of them? In "Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos" he mentions that he has grandchildren. Were they by his wife, Emily, or another wife? -Submitted by Dr. Blackgaard

Dr. Blackgaard, do you have a family? I know you've got Edwin, and then there's Mumsy... anyone else I might be missing? Oh yeah, I forgot. You're dead.


In answer to your question, Jack Allen does indeed have a family. Back in the old days before Adventures in Odyssey existed, Jack Allen fought over Guinnivere Morrow, Whit's wife that passed away. After an almost fight with a bull, Jack decided to let Whit have her and later married Emily, his pen pal, instead. All of this information was masterfully derived from the episode The Triangle.


Now that that's out of the way, we have to figure out what happened. There are three possibilities. Either:

  1. Jack Allen was telling a lie

  2. Jack Allen really does have grandchildren

  3. The writers made a mistake

Now, it's obvious to me that Jack Allen doesn't lie, so option number two is looking pretty good right about now. If true, Jack Allen would have had children with his wife Emily, they would have grown up, and they would have had kids of their own... thus, grandchildren popped out. However, Jack Allen has never mentioned that he had kids at some point in his life, so he must not have. Thus, I can only assume that Jack Allen has never had kids (or they just weren't mentioned and I'm jumping to conclusions), and he told Connie a fib. Unfortunately, AIO must have accidentally messed up when they wrote in that line of Jack's in Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos and goofed. Most likely Jack wasn't lying and it's just a writers goof.

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