How long has AIO existed? -Submitted by Princess Buttercup

Hmm... shall we start in the beginning? Our Episodes section provides a little more detail on the 1987 page:

In 1987, "Family Portraits" was created by Focus on the Family as a test series to see if the general public enjoyed it. This was the beginnings of the popular show, Adventures in Odyssey. "Family Portraits" provided a family-oriented alternative to questionable media on television. "Family Portraits" is not available, although the thirteen episodes may be purchased separately.

"Family Portraits was actually popular enough to begin creating a series about some friends the audience can visit in a little town called Odyssey. The show's title became "Odyssey USA" and remained that way for a little while. Our 1988 page contains some more important information to the series' beginning:

In 1988, the final series name, "Adventures in Odyssey," was created. This series would later branch off into various book series', as well as a video series. "USA" was removed from the "Odyssey USA" title so as to maintain a name suitable for all nationalities of the world. April 23, 1988 is the first official broadcast of "Adventures in Odyssey.

So you see? Adventures in Odyssey has really changed since 1987, its first year of existence. God truly has blessed the ministry of Focus on the Family over the years!

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