In the episode "What Do You Think?", what are the words to the second verse of the song that the teacher sings - "Three Little Froggies All Unwary?" -Submitted by Agent 2362

To my knowledge, there is no second verse. However, I decided to write down the lyrics in verse one, but that was a bad idea and I still wasn't sure what the man is saying.


Three little froggies all unwary

Fresh from a froggy seminary,

Freed from his gene is trip to wary

Ba ba ba ba ba ba.

When I first released this AIO FAQ, I continued with the notion that someone would help me out... and someone has. Tim Peterson helped me to figure out just what the man is saying in the song.

Tim's Wise Counsel:


When I showed it to him, my dad said the "Three Little Froggies All Unwary" 
sounded like a parody of something from Gilbert and Sullivan. Later, he 
came back and said he found where it came from, in a book containing lyrics 
from their plays. It is indeed a parody of Gilbert and Sullivan, from act I 
[1] of "The Mikado." [2] The applicable sections are as follows:

"Three little maids who, all unwary,
Come from a ladies' seminary,
Freed from its genius tutelary--
Three little maids from school!
Three little maids from school!" [3][4]

"A wandering minstrel I--
A thing of shreds and patches,
Of ballads, songs, and snatches,
And dreamy lullaby!" [5][6]

With the original in hand, it isn't hard to figure out what the teacher was 

"Three little froggies all unwary,
Fresh from a froggy seminary,
Freed from its genius tutelary
Ba ba ba ba ba ba.

"A wandering froggy I--
A thing of warts and patches."



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