Are you going to ever have a family-based family filling in for the Barclay's? Connie could get married and have kids and show to parents how you should raise your children.
-Submitted by Hannah Price

While it's visible that AIO is working on getting the family side of AIO back into the show, they haven't quite reached their old involvement with the family. The ministry that produces Adventures in Odyssey is given the name Focus on the Family in that the traditional family is very important in God's eyes. It should be apparent in Odyssey episodes how important the family is as well.

AIO recently introduced a family you may remember... the Washington's. In a way, they replace the "finding God's will" episodes of the past that the Barclay family brought to the show, but it still isn't the same. Hopefully AIO will successfully bring another Barclay name to the show.

In regards to Connie, I'm not sure if that would be possible for her. She seems like she's always been a teenager, no more, no less. I don't think I could see her having kids, getting married, and doing laundry. We've come close to marriage with Connie and it's still a scary prospect. I like your idea, Hannah!

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