Do you think Eugene and that Katrina girl should have gotten married? And also do you think that Eugene and Connie would make a better couple? -Submitted by Lisa

Lisa, it's nice to make your acquaintance. Upon reading your question after you submitted it, I just had to ask you... were you listening to Adventures in Odyssey during the Novacom story arc? If you weren't then I will post a little spoiler below which you may or may not want to know. Highlight for the answer. Otherwise... DON'T! It'll spoil it! If you know what I'm about to reveal, then bravo!


And as for me wanting Eugene and Katrina to get married, where have you been? Eugene and Katrina are married! Personally, Eugene and Connie NOT marriage material. Whether you think so or not, if Eugene and Connie got married their marriage would be so tough. Argument after argument would rage their household and they'd despise each other. They'd end up divorced just like the 50% of marriages these days. It is truly tragic. So no, Connie and Eugene are a no-no.

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