What's with Eugene and those thick and hideous glasses? -Submitted by Connie's Jogging Suit

Miss Connie's Suit, it's ironic that you would ask such a random question because you're pretty thick and hideous yourself (no offense)! Why Connie would want to wear you every day is beyond me. Is there more than one of you or does Connie wash the same pair of you every day after working at Whit's End? She must really like the color green to be willing to wear you. You're pretty hideous. Does she roll up your sleeves in the summer months or is she one of those rare humans that never sweats?

As for Eugene's "thick and hideous" glasses, I'd appreciate if you'd call them what they really are. For your information, they're called "coke bottle glasses." For someone who graces Adventures in Odyssey with your presence so frequently (you're also on the video series for crying out loud!), you aren't being a very good role model. As you are to Connie Kendall, so those "thick and hideous" glasses are to Eugene Meltsner. Your green existence distinguishes Connie, who she is, and what she stands for. You distinguish Connie from Eugene, Bernard from Tom. If Connie wore different outfits, then listeners might not recognize her. You better be careful, Miss Suit, you have a huge responsibility within those cotton threads.

Eugene's coke bottle glasses make Eugene what he is: a nerd with red hair. Adventures in Odyssey wouldn't be the same without them. You might think his glasses look "thick and hideous, but those are what keep him from seeing incorrectly and running into you. Miss Suit, next time think about it before you go weaving a cobweb for yourself to get stuck in.

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