Do you know anyone who is going to own a Whit's End? 'Cause I don't wanna be the only dork owning one. -Submitted by Chrissy

This is perhaps one of the weirdest questions I have ever been asked. All my life (listening to AIO at least) I wanted to know what Whit's End looks like. Then they released a few pictures in the Complete Guide and my mind started wandering. Pretty soon I got my cousin involved in thought and he started working on a Virtual Tour of Whit's End. He's still in the slow process of building Virtual Whit's End, and if it ever opens up it'll be anything but dorky.

Chrissy, you are not a dork for wanting to open up a Whit's End when you grow up. I'm sure there are many fans who want to work at a Whit's End, and I'm sure that some kids think there really is a Whit's End with a real Mr. Whittaker! You go ahead and open up that Whit's End so I can move to where it's located and start working there!

Oh yeah, I don't really know anyone who wants to own a Whit's End.

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