At the end of every AIO show, Chris always says something like, "What did you think of today's show? Why don't you write and tell me about it? My address is..." [and then gives it, that address that is ingrained into every AIO listener's brain]. But, does she actually read the letters? If I want to ask one of the actors a question, do they ever read it or answer? -Submitted by Esther

Chris does say that a lot. And, it's sad to say, but Chris doesn't read a majority of the letters submitted to her. Instead, Focus on the Family correspondence takes care of the letter writing. The AIO team actually sifts through every letter individually to see what fans are saying about the show. That way, they can make decisions about the events in the Odyssey's citizens' lives. I'm sure Chris has read many letters from fans, but she is is not physically able to read them all herself.

FOTF does a good job with what they've got though. So keep writing. The team does read your letters!

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