Will Connie ever get married? How come everyone's growing up and she seems to still be 16? -Submitted by Mr. Bobo (Jared's pink teddy)

Mr. Bobo, uh, sir... it's a pleasure to finally meet you! I've been looking for a chance to meet you ever since I heard your debut episode. So how about an autograph? I happen to know this sweet girl who's looking for a husband at the moment. You're just so huggable and cuddle-able. Who could pass you up? Maybe she'll be a perfect match for you, Mr. Bobo?

Then again, maybe not. Connie's been 16 for years, and I'm sure you've already far bypassed her age. Connie will get married in the right time. Be patient, but I don't think it's gonna be you. And if it is, I would certainly be scared. Give her a few Odyssey albums. There's a lot of teddy bears in the store, to not borrow a colloquialism.

As to Connie's age, maybe she should start stop celebrating Christmas and skipping her birthday? She's really missing out on life. She must feel intimidated with all her friends and family passing her by in age. Any Odyssey character would. And please don't go around repeating her age to everyone. She's already embarrassed enough.

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