What would happen if AIO decided to put Christian music on the episodes (such MercyMe or JUMP5 music)? -Submitted by Connie's Jogging Suit

Miss Suit, boy, I wasn't expecting this one! Since the world of CCM became popular, teenagers and adults have grown accustomed to tapping their toes and waiting for their favorite artists to release a new album. In the real world, CCM is an expanding business all in the name of Christianity. As with secular artists, we have to choose our Christian artists carefully. In my opinion, we need to pick and choose from the CCM artists carefully. Just because something has a "Christian" label on it doesn't mean that we can trust that they're Christians. We need to be aware that many of the Christian artists are primarily in it for the money. There are quite a few instances where artists have begun their career as CCM artists. From their growing popularity they branch out into secular music. Then Christians are sometimes disappointed because the artists say something that proves they do not have Christian convictions. I am very picky-choosey when I listen to CCM. In fact, I listen to very little of it, but I do enjoy it.

As for Adventures in Odyssey, adding Contemporary Christian Music to it (MercyMe and JUMP5, for example) would probably make the show lose its timelessness. I believe it is a bad idea for Odyssey to introduce CCM to listeners. Their target audience is 8-12 year-olds, and CCM is generally for teenagers and older ages. Do you see what I'm getting at? Introducing CCM equals a loss of timelessness, and possibly a mistake later on if one of those artists goes secular.

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