Why is Charles Thompson called "Chunky"? - Submitted by Valerie

Charles Edward Thompson sort of appeared and then disappeared from the program back in the day. It has never been concrete as to why Charles is called "Chunky," but I can wager a guess, that is, if you're interested in hearing it.

Charles Edward Thompson, I suspect, is just a little bit overweight. Not too overweight, mind you, but he has just enough weight to say, "I need to watch my folds." He's into eating and his metabolism is just a tiny bit slower than others'. Again, he isn't monstrously "fat," but he really could benefit to shed a few pounds. Due to his very little amount of obesity and the letters C-H on his first name, his fellow colleagues at school eventually started calling him "Chunky." In a way, I see his nickname as hinting around at his physical shape. I highly doubt that an entire class of students would call him "Chunky" if he was skinny.

Common sense, Valerie. Common sense. And now I'll let you start wager guesses. I don't think you knew this before, but a lot of people have given me the nickname "Twig" and "Twiggy." Can you wager a guess as to why?

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