Is Cal going to be in any future shows? I think he's great and hope so, but if not how about the actor who plays him? Thanks for your time! -Submitted by JaredAndDwayneFan

Cal Jordan, supposedly Alex Jefferson's cousin on the show, is introduced during the Novacom Saga to aid in the overall storyline. His curiosity gets him into trouble quite a bit and he pulls Alex down with him. However, during the planning and recording of the miniseries on AIO, Adam Pavalakovich, voice of Cal, decided it was time to hit puberty. His voice changed and fans everywhere were probably thinking, "Whoa!"

I must admit that I was one of many who reacted positively to Cal's character. He somewhat reminded me of Jared DeWhite and a friend of mine combined. Which is why I regret to inform you that Cal Jordan will not be back on the show. Cal was a character brought into the story arc on a temporary basis. Many characters have come and gone in phases over the years as well, for example, Butch, Danny Schmidt, and Erica Colbourn. Each character was strategically planned to appear on the show to get the overall moral across. With Erica Colbourn, she was introduced a lot like Cal, but we had the opportunity as listeners to get to know Cal Jordan more. That's why it was so sad to see him go.

So in answer to your question, Cal will not be back in the future, though the actor always has a chance to be invited back to the show. I'm not doubting that Katie Leigh's relation to Adam Pavlakovich will greatly contribute. Cal may come back, but very unlikely. After all, isn't he still in the hospital? He could be dead for all we know.

By the way, JaredAndDwayneFan, if you're such a fanatic for Jared DeWhite and Dwayne Oswald, why are you asking about Cal Jordan? Oh look, another "why" question!

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