If a person wanted to be a character on Odyssey, would they be able to get a part in it, or are producers not looking for new people? If they were, how would a person let the producer know? - Submitted by E.C.

That's easy, E.C. The AIO team is always looking for just the right voice to fill a special role on the AIO program. And that voice just might be yours! If you send Focus on the Family a letter - or Chris - go ahead and mention that you're interested in auditioning for Adventures in Odyssey. They're connect you to the right people. And while you might not get the part, there's no harm in trying. You just might make the next Jimmy Barclay, Robyn Jacobs, or Rodney Rathbone! Uh oh...

Of course FOTF will require a sample tape of you, so be a good actor on it. Send it along with your letter to:

Adventures in Odyssey
Colorado Springs, CO  80995

In Canada...

Box 9800
Vancouver, BC  V6B 4G3

Just remember that it's important for the AIO producers to find an actor that has great talent, one that is flexible, one that has the right voice, and most importantly, can make AIO a better radio show. They also require that voice actors live in California as it is the location of the recording studio.

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