If you wanted to audition for a character, can you say anything you want or does it need to be a line from an AIO episode? -Submitted by Madison

Madison, I'm glad you asked. I'm sure a lot of people who are interested in auditioning for Adventures in Odyssey are confused about this as well. When it comes to auditioning for Odyssey, it's all about great acting. If you were to produce an audition tape containing a familiar line from one of Odyssey's programs, then you'd probably have something too similar to the real episode. Instead, find something else you can perform. Make sure your audition is long enough for the team to look at. Try to sound as natural as possible. Use good vocal quality. Take some speech lessons. Make sure your voice doesn't have much vocal fry, glottal shock, or any other bad voice qualities. You want the team to be happy with what they hear; otherwise they'll just see an average performance.

I would recommend you not use a line from one of the AIO episodes. They want to hear something else. They want to be impressed and see opportunity in your voice.

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