Does AIO have a website? -Submitted by Alex

As a matter of fact, yes, AIO does have its own website. Many people have made the mistake and thought that The Odyssey Scoop, the website you are visiting now, is the official website about Adventures in Odyssey. Unlike popular assumption, I concur to correct anyone with that assumption that the Scoop is only a fan site. It may seem like the real thing, but unfortunately it's not. You can access the Official Site at I think we can all agree that the Scoop tops that... right?

At the official site, you have the opportunity to learn about new things as they become available rather than months in advance. AIO's website contains a basic understanding of AIO. From my perspective, those who either search for anything AIO-related and end up here or are told by a friend to visit the Scoop are generally looking for more interesting content. That is what I try to provide here. Remember, I'm always open to suggestions.

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