Is the actress who portrays Liz also the voice of Anne in the radio drama, Anne of Green Gables? -Submitted by The C's

Hello, C's. I believe I'm speaking to at least one C, if not more than one C. If you are a pluralized collaboration of C's, it's nice to make your acquaintances!

I believe the radio drama you are referring to is the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre version of Anne of Green Gables. The drama was produced several years ago. You guys (if you're plural) are thinking that the actress who plays Liz Horton on Adventures in Odyssey also played Anne in the Radio Theatre drama. Unfortunately, I'm sad to inform you that your ears didn't pick a perfect match. In actuality, Liz Horton is played by Lauren Schlaffel. Anne of the Anne of Green Gables drama is played by Mae Whitman. Even though you didn't match them correctly, it may interest you that Mae Whitman of Anne of Green Gables also plays Whinnie in another radio drama series by Focus on the Family, The Last Chance Detectives. Three dramas are currently available and they're set to a more action-adventure and paced style. If you like Odyssey you may want to check them out!

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