Does Adventures in Odyssey have a final date when they will "throwing in the towel" (quitting) or is it still undecided? -Submitted by Aaron Thornburg

The day Adventures in Odyssey says goodbye will be the day fans stop buying the series. In fact, God has blessed AIO over the years because the fans who buy the albums keep the series going. In other words, the show pays for itself. As long as there is a large amount of fan interest, the show will go on. A few years back, however, AIO did come close to saying goodbye to the series. Would you believe that right after Darkness Before Dawn aired, the team almost quit making Odyssey episodes? Now that would have been a real disappointment for all of us who loved the series back then. Just think... Eugene would have never gotten married, Connie would have never met Mitch, and Whit would have never come back from the Middle East! Scary!

One big reason for shutting down the series in the future is if we lose too many of our prominent actors. Walker Edmiston passed away in February 2007, leaving us without Bart Rathbone or Tom Riley. I imagine if we lose Paul Herlinger, Katie Leigh, or Will Ryan along the way, the series would be better off at a stopping point. A series is no good if all of your original actors on the show have to be replaced.

So in answer to your question -- at the moment -- Adventures in Odyssey must live on!

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