Will they ever make an episode where Whit messes up? It seems like Whit is a perfect guy, and I'd like an episode where he messes up and has to fix his mistake. -Submitted by Connie's Biggest Fan

Actually, I don't want to burst your bubble, but we have seen a few of Whit's mistakes over the course of Adventures in Odyssey. The biggest malfunction of everyone's favorite discovery emporium owner is evident in his very own family. Whit was always getting into it with his daughter Jana. Try A Member of the Family and Monty's Christmas on for size. How about the time in The Mortal Coil when he decided to create an Imagination Station program about death and nearly pushed up daisies as well? I remember Tom ended up gently rebuking Whit. What about Whit's selfish actions in Clara when he angrily told Jack Allen he never wanted to speak to him again? Also, Whit felt sorry for himself in The W.E. and gave Whit's End a major interior redesign. Then in The Triangle, young Whit is caught making fun of his future wife. Be sure your sin will find you out, Whit! Oh yeah, and then there's the time in Between You and Me when Mr. Whittaker, sage friend and comrade, decided to ignore Connie for days - a very cruel action - to prove a biblical principle! We mustn't forget about all the bad advice Whit gave the kids visiting Whit's End in I Slap Floor!

No, Mr. Whittaker is far from perfect.

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