What happened to Jared, Dwayne, and Sarah? They were great characters and I would like to see them come back. -Submitted by Becci Cutting

Characters are constantly coming and going on Adventures in Odyssey. Sometimes actors move away, some just quit working with the program because of big opportunities, and others are simply written out of the show. With Jared, actor Brandon Gilberstadt hitched a ride on a brief fifteen minutes of fame with a television show opportunity. Thus, Jared DeWhite moved away right after the Timothy Center opened. The show didn't last too long, apparently, and the writers and fans liked Jared's character so much that he later re-appeared in the Novacom Saga episodes. Unfortunately, as many of us are beginning to see, or have seen over the years, that stupid puberty tax (a reference to The Buck Starts Here) got Dwayne and Jared. Both of them served a short role in the show until their teenage voices had to be silenced. Don't ask me why, but somewhere along the line, Adventures in Odyssey was designated as a kids show. Am I right?

The same goes for Dwayne, though he had a more teenage, sounded-as-if-it-were-mutating-all-along voice from the very start. As for Sarah, I guess she just outlived her usefulness to the series.

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