What is the Timothy center exactly? I think I missed that section of episodes. -Submitted by Connie's Biggest Fan

It's nice to finally meet Connie's Biggest Fan. No doubt that other fans out there who think they are the biggest fan will become jealous that you are the real thing!

In answer to your question, the Timothy Center is a retreat center/camp for all ages. It is a ministry that reaches out to youth and families alike. Started by Tom Riley, this retreat center features horseback riding, special programs, cabins, and much more. Tom had the inspiration to start the Timothy Center in the episode Malachi's Message and the center opened shortly afterwards in Opening Day. Ever since then, we've seen a variety of groups come and go, ranging from kids in the intercity, to families needing a getaway, to special groups like the Happy Smilers who need to throw a convention, and many more.

Consequently, the Shepard family has been instrumental with the Timothy Center. They came to Odyssey when it first opened, and Tom was able to convince them to stay on and help. While Aubrey has moved away from Odyssey for her college education, her family sticks around in Odyssey to help run the Timothy Center as usual. Once you're in Odyssey, you're trapped.

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