Why do you have to go to another place to record your shows? Why not do it in one spot? -Submitted by Emily

Last time I checked, I wasn't recording any shows, and if I was, I would probably know. Yet, if I wasn't, which I'm not, I would be confused by what you said about me and my shows -- which have ironically never been recorded.

However, Emily, I believe I know you're referring to the Odyssey team. It's understandable. You're not the only one who has mistaken the Odyssey Scoop for the Official Site over the years. I've gotten so many emails from fans who thought I was the real thing. It's flattering, but only for a second. Then I realize I'm probably reading an email meant for someone else. Regardless, we're discussing that "other place" you mentioned in your question. That place you're referring to is California. Here's the painful truth. Most of the actors who grace Adventures in Odyssey with their talents reside in California. However, Focus on the Family is located in Colorado, Springs, Colorado (80995 if your brain is automatically filling in the gaps). The Odyssey team gets together and collectively brainstorms, writes, and gets ready for episodes in Colorado to be recorded in California (Los Angeles, near the actors). From there, the producers will edit the show together and make it exciting.

Though I am still wondering one thing -- Maybe the actors could move to Colorado and the team could get another recording studio together there. Better yet, we could just move the state of California. Either way, I'm glad the actors are there to give us fans something to listen to!

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