Why does Odyssey use the NIV bible? -Submitted by Gregory

Who, what, when, where, how... This time it's why. I become inflamed with joy when someone asks a question containing a "why" because the response can reply simply with a "because" and my reasoning behind it, backed up with AIO evidence of course. And of course most people know that some translations of the Bible are not one hundred percent accurate. However, Adventures in Odyssey has used wise judgment in the versions of the Bible it relies on.

I took the opportunity some time ago to make contact with Nathan Hoobler, writer on the AIO team. Here is what he had to say on the matter:

AIO uses a combination of translations, not a specific one. When I'm working on Chris's wrap-ups, I most often look at the KJV, the NLB, and the NIV.

Go, Nathan! In reality, Odyssey has used a variety of translations over the years. This is to help children, their target audience, to understand what the Bible has to say. If you spit out a verse from the King James Bible at a little kid, they might get very confused with the pronunciations and meanings. So, if you quote a verse from the NIV or NLB, the understanding isn't a hard idea to tackle. This may explain why AIO has published an Odyssey-oriented Bible as well as a devotions book in the NKJV.

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