Will Jason ever get married to Monica Stone? -Submitted by Joy Burgess and Connie&Mitch

Oh joy, it looks like Monica's trying to put up curtains in her jail cell again. I don't think Jason Whittaker is too fond of burnt sienna though. I think he would be more of a mauve color person. It's hard to say. Either way, Monica Stone is still serving time in a state penitentiary for helping someone try to take over the world. I don't think Jason wants to get involved now that he's taken a step away from the Novacom Saga. It's worth noting that Monica isn't necessarily a Christian, so Jason better remember what he learned in the past. Tasha might get jealous!

Still, they sure did show a lot of interest in each other when Jason showed up to her cell for a visit... Stink! Monica better make those curtains look amazing! Maybe Martha Stewart could help her with those wrinkles on her bed.

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