How old is Nick Mulligan? -Submitted by Raspberry Ripple

Hello, Miss Ripple, ice cream flavor that many have grown to enjoy at Whit's ice cream shop and discovery emporium. It's nice to make your acquaintance. Nick Mulligan gained some good experience serving you to the kids at Whit's End. He's been around Odyssey for a while in fact. He's the only child character who survived alongside Mandy Straussberg since Signed, Sealed & Committed. All the others have either left Odyssey or just slipped into the shadows. Nick Mulligan is at least old enough to maintain a job (15 years old) and young enough to enjoy his youth. I'd place him at around age 16. Connie started at 16, and though the show doesn't give us information about Nick's age, I'd like to wager that Whit hired another 16 year-old. He hired Aubrey along the way, too, but let's not talk about Aubrey's age, since she's old enough to be in college.

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