Why did the Odyssey writers have Eugene find his dad and brother just to have them go back to Africa? Will we ever hear from them again? -Submitted by Leanne
After so many years, the Odyssey creators couldn't pass up an opportunity to tie up loose ends with Eugene's missing father. We learn way back in Last in a Long Line that Eugene's dad was "lost" in an archaeological expedition, but no answers were given to this mystery for years. What better way to do that than with a story arc in which he finally gets to see his dad?

The main purpose of the Eugene's search for his father storyline is to clear up loose ends and not necessarily to keep Leonard Meltsner in Odyssey. After all, Leonard wasn't in Odyssey for years. He doesn't seem to belong there. Yet, there is still hope that Leonard and Everett may show up in a future episode. Keep listening.


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