Who do you think is the Chairman of Andromeda? Some people think that it might have been Dr. Blackgaard. -Submitted by Curious FBI Agent

I remember the days when the Novacom Saga began to air. There was talk on all the old Adventures in Odyssey message boards about what was going to happen next, who AREM might be, whether or not Mary Hopkins was trustworthy, et cetera. I never saw so much excitement expressed for AIO until then. It was during that time that the term "Chairman" was mentioned in one of the Novacom episodes. Fans began to speculate that the Chairman was indeed Dr. Blackgaard, but the folks at Focus on the Family confirmed that Dr. Blackgaard was truly dead. It was also a speculation that Margaret Faye was the Chairman because politicians always end up being corrupt and power hungry. This is the theory that I latched onto, although I never became an advocate for it because I knew I was probably wrong all along. Yes, there was talk about every aspect of the Novacom Saga. The fan-base for AIO really took off when the die-hard fans started chatting with one another and connecting via the internet. There has been a consistent means of communication since around 2000, starting from a simple bulletin board called the Town Hall and ending with what we call today The Town of Odyssey.

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