Will there be more Passages books written in the future? 
-Submitted by Alyssa

Back in the general time of 2000, Paul McCusker began a challenging new series similar to the "Chronicles of Narnia." Passages resulted and an AIO episode was even produced. Alyssa, I was also a fan of the Passages series when it came out. I remember feeling really annoyed at the way book 6 ends. If you haven't read the books let me just mention that you are left in this state of confusion. The man who wrote the manuscripts is either crazy or sane... and the book ends right before we can find out if he is or not. This is what mostly made me decide to find out if Paul would be writing future books. The answer to your question is no. Paul McCusker has no plans to continue this series. Why? Well...

Here's how I found out. I had just finished enjoying book 6 of this series when... I got hold of Focus on the Family's email address. There I wrote to them seeking direction of FOTF's plans. About a week later an email popped into my inbox. The answer: no. Just like the "Chronicles of Narnia," this one ends too, only it's one book short of seven. So if you enjoyed Passages, maybe you should try reading the "Chronicles of Narnia," which is really the main inspiration for Passages. Another great fantasy book series you may try out is "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings."

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