What instrument does Eugene play? -A question by me, Jacob Isom

Actually, if you're a true AIO fan, then you already know the answer to this question. But for those of you who don't know, Eugene plays the ukelele. You can hear some of his most famous pieces played in "Caroling, Caroling," "BTV: Thanks," and "New Year's Eve Live!" Oh yeah... then there's "A Day in the Life," but we never really hear Eugene's complete song.

What gets me is how the characters in Odyssey absolutely cannot stand listening to the ukelele, especially played by Eugene Meltzner. As I listen to Odyssey, I hear a great singer singing great songs that are supposed to be sung by a singer. The AIO characters hear a wanna-be singer singing sour songs that are supposed to be sung by a singer. I don't know. Maybe the whole thought of Eugene just being able to play an instrument scares everyone.

Some of Eugene's works include: "Seasonal Felicitations," "I'm Glad I'm Me," "Anum Novoom," and "In With the New Year." Some of those titles aren't exactly correct, but I'm sure they'll remind you of what I'm talking about.

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