What happened to Phillip Glossman? -Submitted by "Phillip Glossman"

Really, what DID happen to Phillip Glossman? Many AIO fans were left questioning, "Where is he?" after hearing the 25th album, "Darkness Before Dawn." Well the answer according to the actor who plays Phillip, had this to say:

"Glossman is in a Mexican jail, you know." and "Glossman is in a Mexican jail for selling illegal Velvet Elvis paintings." He said this during one of the Fall 2001 preseason chats on the AIO HQ. Being an AIO fan as big as I am, somehow I just don't believe that whole "illegal Velvet Elvis Paintings" thing. Just not accurate.

If you really want to know what happened to Phil (hey, I kinda like that nickname!), be sure to actually listen to "Darkness Before Dawn!" They don't go outright and say where Glossman is, but well... they just make it assumable (is that a word?) that Glossman was arrested. So, in a way, Paul McCusker's first quote (above) is true. Well, except for the Mexican jail part. I really doubt that he could make it to Mexico in so short a time.

Phillip Glossman recently made an appearance in the collection The Best Small Town. Who would have thought?

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