Gunnar Sizemore
Voice of Matthew Parker

Gunnar Sizemore debuts his role as Matthew Parker in The Ties That Bind I. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gunnar began acting in commercials at the age of three. Along his journey, he discovered the art of voice acting and was hooked. His knack for language, dialects & "efforts" led him to voicing such beloved characters as Flounder in The Little Mermaid & Ignacio from the Golden Globe nominated film, The Book of Life. On screen, Gunnar plays Micah in the ABC series "Nashville" and played Walt in his favorite DisneyXD show, "Kickin It". He speaks Mandarin and Spanish and enjoys playing the guitar, drums and keyboards. He loves reading, video games, comic books and is a fan of the Steelers, the Clippers and WWE. Follow Gunnar on Twitter at @gunnarsizemore.

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