It's a site dedicated to the world's most popular radio drama series: Adventures in Odyssey. Get ready to enter a world of wonder, excitement, and discoverya place that has captivated thousands of listeners for nearly 30 years and sold millions of products across the globe. The Odyssey Scoop brings you the latest news regarding an ever-expanding storyline taking place in a small mid-western town that is anything but boring. Navigate our website for your dose of behind-the-scenes information and exclusive features that no fan can do without. Of course, you'll want to check back to our blog often as we continue to provide the Scoop on Adventures in Odyssey, one cone at a time.

Our Mission
The Odyssey Scoop is a fan site dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the world's #1 audio drama series, Adventures in Odyssey (AIO). The Odyssey Scoop exists to provide news regarding upcoming products, to promote the brand, to maintain visitor involvement throughout the site and give fans an opportunity to connect with one another, and to create a safe alternative to many websites on the internet.

Our Vision
Our slogan has always read: "providing the Scoop on Adventures in Odyssey, one cone at a time." That's exactly what we do, say, and teach at The Odyssey Scoop.

What We Believe
The Odyssey Scoop wouldn't be going strong for 15 years if we didn't believe in the Adventures in Odyssey brand. During its 29 years of successful radio drama, videos, books, action figures, and much more, AIO has personally impacted us at The Odyssey Scoop. Having grown up on Adventures in Odyssey, we understand completely that it is a program worth standing behind and promoting. We have also seen that the fan-base for AIO has grown over the decades, and a fan-base so large is looking for information on their favorite radio drama. The Odyssey Scoop seeks to do just that and provide content fans are seeking.

About Adventures in Odyssey
Over the past 29 years, the Adventures in Odyssey team has been home to over two dozen writers, producers, and sound designers. They hail from all corners of the U.S. (and Canada), and their résumés are as diverse as their origins: some come from a radio background, some from stage or screen, others from music studios and television, and a few straight out of college. Although they don't have a common background, one thing the team has always shared is a passion for entertaining stories that reveal timeless truths.

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We also strongly believeand this is the most important part of everything we dothat Adventures in Odyssey has blessed countless people who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. It has also been a strong mentor to Christians since its beginnings. Radio drama can be a very good way to shine a light on what Christianity is all about. In fact, so many people have received Christ as Savior because of Adventures in Odyssey. That makes it all worth it! If The Odyssey Scoop can help one person gain interest in the program, and ultimately, a relationship with Jesus Christ, we've done what we set out to accomplish.

The Who of The Odyssey Scoop
Site founder Jacob Isom built and maintained the website for 16 years. His many duties include website design, content creation and development, upkeep, blog maintenance, and more. Jacob discovered a love for web design and refined his skills during the Scoop's consistent run. In 2009, he earned his bachelor's degree in communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations with minors in both graphic design and broadcasting. He seeks to use his graphic design skills as needed and has a growing portfolio of clients. Creativity is certainly what keeps this beaver going. In fact, due to creativity and persistence, Focus on the Family featured The Odyssey Scoop in versions of Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide (published 2008 and 2012). On the side, Jacob is known for his promotions and involvement with a website for the popular fan podcast: The Ceiling Fan. Ultimately, the overwhelming visitor feedback and support is what keeps this webmaster at the top of his game to manage one of the largest and most popular Adventures in Odyssey fan sites in existence.

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