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"Thanks, Jacob, for your kind opinions expressed in your EXTRA column, "Winds of Change..." If you ever have a desire to expand your coverage of radio dramas to include DGL [Down Gilead Lane] on a regular basis (in your spare time!), we'd love to talk. You do a marvelous job at what you do with AIO."
--Randy Hekman, Executive Director for CBH Ministries

"I appreciated stumbling across your page -- especially your review of Gilead ... I appreciate your write up ... Is that site your own creation? It's very nice. Seems to be a lot of healthy chats going on from real fans. Great, great work."
--Simon, Marketing director for CBH Ministries

"This is a very well put together site, it was fun to browse and remember. :) [...] Thanks for making such a fun site!  It has been so long since weíve listened to Odyssey ... that I was not familiar with any of the new characters! ... Your cast and crew section is helping me as I listen to the new CD's!  Soon our kids will be old enough to listen, and I will get to hear them all over again (Iím looking forward to it).
        --Genni Long, voice of Lucy Schultz on Adventures in Odyssey

"I found the Scoop through Google and love it ... Keep up the good work!

"...Thanks for everything you've done to keep this website up and going. Keep it up!!!!"

"This is my favorite website. It tells me everything I need to know about Odyssey."

This website is really great. I can just tell that it had a lot of work put into it.

I had no clue this website was created by a person not much older than me! I thought this was the official website and whitsend.org was just a smaller version. I personally like it better than the official website.

I absolutely love Odyssey, and your site is right up there with greats when it comes to new about the best radio drama on the air. Keep it up!

Thanks for putting this site together. I heard Inside the studio and had to see pictures of the voices...
Of course, they don't look like what I thought they should... ;-) Thanks....
--Dallas Hewett

I wanted to see if I could find any other AIO sites, besides ... so I did a web search & found out about this site and I donít know why I never did that search a long time ago!! What took me so long?! I had the best time checkin out the site (when I shouldíve been asleep in my bed, lol) and gosh, Iím so excited about this site!! I am a major AIO fan all the way! Iím pleased with the FAQ page cuz I found a lot of Qís that Iíve been wanting to ask. And Iím glad the webmaster is someone who is literally willing to answer any Q anyone has.

This is the most totally awesome site on AIO! I especially like the interviews section.

Very thorough, informative and interesting. "Most awesomely spectacular"/"most spectacularly awesome" website...

This is the Ultimate Odyssey website! Focus on The Family should hire you to keep up their website! The graphic designs are amazing and I love the interviews and fan articles! Keep up the awesome work!

This is a wonderful site, a great site, and a marvelous site. Keep up the good work!

You have done a spectacular job on this website! I might even hire you in the future to make me one, are you interested?
--Rachel T.

Cool site! I really like the work you do. Keep up your good morals and godly insights.
--Princess Buttercup

Odyssey Scoop Rocks! It is the best AIO site out there.

This is a very good and very professional web site. I come here often and I hope that you will not fall the way of so many excellent web sites by stopping updating and leaving your faithful followers in the dust. ;-) Keep it up!!!

Just found this site today and have been here about seven times. Does that tell you about how good this site is? ... How do you find time to update this so often? I think it's great.

I really like your site--it is probably one of the most informative AIO sites there is, besides for AIOHQ :-) Really though, I like your "personal" touch; instead of just a bunch of facts, you write like a person...if you know what I mean ;-) Well, I just wanted to say KEEP IT UP!! I love your site!!!

Hi Jacob, this is a great site! I like the new design, and domain name a LOT!

Great site. I come here almost every day. Can't wait to see what's new each time I come. My whole life pretty much is AIO so its great to have a site like yours to come to.


These are only several of the hundreds, if not thousands of positive comments received since the Odyssey Scoop opened in December 2000. From the Odyssey Scoop to you as our visitor... Thanks for visiting, and thanks for making the Scoop a part of your everyday life.


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