It has been a privilege to bring the Odyssey Scoop to life since its beginnings on December 22, 2000. The site went through various designs and formats, all which led up to our current design. I cannot personally take credit for everything you see on the Scoop. In fact, without all of you, the site would have never been possible. However, some people really stick out in my mind as the people who helped bring the Scoop to life.

I would like to extend a special thanks to...

Adventures in Odyssey People

Nathan Hoobler, writer on the AIO team. His special articles help to paint a picture with a behind-the-scenes twist. Also his encouraging words and comments boosted my motivation to keep the site going. Most of all, for being supportive and providing "exclusive" content to make the Odyssey Scoop at the top of the game. Oh, and for making sure The Odyssey Scoop was mentioned in Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide.

Brock Eastman, Marketing Manager for Focus on the Family, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast. And for his support and behind-the-scenes insights.

Josh Shepherd, former Marketing Manager for Focus on the Family, for providing inside scoops on AIO, images, product info, and much more.

John Campbell, composer for Adventures in Odyssey, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast.

Whit Hertford, voice of Jay Smouse, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast.

Nathan Jones, Adventures in Odyssey sound designer, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast.

Christopher Diehl, Adventures in Odyssey sound designer, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast.

Kimmy Robertson, voice of Penny Wise, for participating in an audio interview for The Odyssey ScoopCast.

David Griffin, voice of Jimmy Barclay, for his willingness to participate in an interview with us. Also for bringing one of my favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters to life for so many years.

Travis Tedford, our very own Alex Jefferson. Travis specialized in positive comments and made sure I knew that he liked the website. His interview was greatly appreciated as well.

Paul McCusker, writer and producer, for taking time to answer an interview with us.

Torry Martin, writer, for offering encouragement and conducting an interview with us.

Corey Burton, all-around AIO voiceover, for his willingness to answer my questions and help us with an interview.

Gabriel Encarnacion, voice of Lawrence Hodges, for being around the AIO online community and conducting an interview with us.

Katie Leigh, voice of Connie Kendall, for conducting an interview with us. Also for playing Odyssey's favorite 16 year-old at Whit's End.

Adam Pavlakovich, our friend Cal Jordan, for participating in a lengthy fan-based interview.

Marshal Younger, for his willingness to participate in an interview.

Brandon Gilberstadt, voice of Jared DeWhite, for participating in an interview.

Don and Genni Long, Jack and Lucy, for their willingness to answer our questions via interviews.

Adventures in Odyssey

Hannah Brownfield, the very first visitor who contacted me through the website. Hannah provided insight as to which sections of the site needed to go and which should stay. Her encouragement is still remembered.

Kevin McCreary, for creating a high-quality podcast, The Odyssey ScoopCast, to compliment the website. His talents have been vital in bringing a podcast to life by becoming the personality of the show, conducting audio interviews with Adventures in Odyssey cast and crew, and much more. Plus, for creating a mini-series for The Ceiling Fan Podcast featuring a road trip to find Odyssey (based on our Where Odyssey Is Not feature). Also for being a friend, cross-promotions, and so much more. And for being awesome.

Jared Walczak, an early online friend. I am unable to count all the ways that he has helped boost the website and encourage me to keep it up. Not only has he provided his writing talents in the Forum Awards and articles, he has also helped with various behind-the-scenes HTML codes and details, things which I know very little about. Also it has been a joy to create logos for him when he needed them.

Shadowpaw, for his many encouraging words in regards to the site and also the special sneak peeks he provided. Shadowpaw has an AIO site of his own and it was always interesting to see what he would come up with next that I didn't have.

Tim Peterson, a friend, whom I consider to be an HTML code himself. Tim laid the groundwork for the website's update process in the site's earlier days.

Jeffrey St. John, for being a loyal visitor.

Carolita Yoder, for her prayers and many encouraging words.

Joshua Shelly, for his encouragement and critical analysis of the website. Sometimes it's important to hear both sides of the story. Joshua and I became good online friends and we helped each other tinker with website designs. Also for his article contributions.

Caleb Soudry, my cousin, for his persistence. I'm sure he knows what I mean, especially if I bring up the concept of a black background. He contributed to the articles section as well. At one point, he spent countless hours constructing a virtual tour of Whit's End, although that never left the ground as a site feature.

Erin Jackson, for her contribution to the Articles section and many positive comments.

Tianlet, for her many encouraging words and article. It was important to Tianlet that she let me know how she felt about the website. She wasn't a visitor who contacted me just once. She contacted me many times with thoughts and ideas.

Trina, for her words of encouragement and strong desire to see Eugene's return to Odyssey (he eventually did!)

Joy Burgess, for her contribution to the Articles section and many positive comments as well.

Joseph Paul of AIOBC fame (Blackgaard's Castle), for his friendship and intellect over the years.

Jeff Cunningham, for his encouraging words at the beginnings of the site as well.

Felicity Carden, for her many dedicated hours in being the Scoop's artist for the Chicken Soup for the AIO Soul section. Felicity spent long periods of time trying to put fans' ideas to paper, and her legacy is still alive.

Dave of Dave's AIO Site fame, for his words of exultation. Dave was one of the original AIO fans I spent talking with since the beginnings of the site.

Princess Buttercup, for her many encouraging words and comments regarding the website.

Snow Whit, for writing an article for our Articles section.

Darcie Griffin, wife of David Griffin, for helping me get in contact with her husband for an interview. Also she had some interesting insights.

All Those Names in Our Interviews Section, who braved their way through an online interview to make our site exciting for visitors.

A Woman in Taiwan, a teacher, for showing The Love and... CHRONICLES dramas to her students and creating worksheets for their enjoyment.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to...

My father, for being persistent in asking how many hits I'd received on the site.

The Lord Jesus Christ, for giving me the ability and talent to create a website, and for a Godly Christian home I can feel safe in my whole life. Without God, I would not be alive to bless you as He has blessed me.

The Adventures in Odyssey Team, for providing a Christian radio program all these years and being faithful to keep the show alive.

...and YOU, our visitor, for your countless encouraging words, contributions, and suggestions for the website's growth. I would have given up a long time ago without you.


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