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Episode Reviewed: Potlucks and Poetry (447)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

I admire Adventures in Odyssey for producing this episode because it seems to me these days that there aren't enough AIO roles with parents. "Potlucks and Poetry" brought out a lot of qualities families should have.

The Shepherd family is my favorite new family in Odyssey. Ben, Ellen, Bethany, and Aubrey all have their different personalities and AIO needs more of them. I like how Chris Anthony (the host) played Aubrey and Bethany's grandma. She did a great job showing how parents embarrass their kids, but not intentionally.

You can see how much Danielle Judovits gets better at her acting in this episode. I was also surprised by Bethany's acting! She's a young actor, but she's a great reader! She's a funny little girl that we need to hear from more often as well.

Definitely listen to this episode. It is in the album, "In Your Wildest Dreams," and is probably the best, other than "Passages."

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