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Episode Reviewed: No Boundaries (445)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"No Boundaries" is an AIO episode in the album "In Your Wildest Dreams" that actually deserves to be in it. You probably already know that I cannot stand split episodes, so I was pleased that there were at least three normal episodes in it.

The reason I am fond of "No Boundaries" is because we get to see what Alex Jefferson's parents are like. Actually we see two sides to them, the first side being that they really care about Alex by not letting him stay up late (among other things), and the other side (in Alex's imagination through the Room of Consequence) being that they care about him and try a new way to keep him happy by having no restrictions on him.

I thought that the author of the book Alex's parents are referring to is rather cute. "The American Psychopathic Society: made a nice little hidden laugh on this AIO episode.

What I wish that AIO would have done after this episode is have more episodes dealing with Mandy's brother David Straussburg. It is true that AIO is having shortages on actors, why not have David Straussburg as a new character? He would make a nice one.

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