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Episode Reviewed: Suspicious Minds (113)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

Ah, mystery episodes are some of my favorites! This episode really hits the laugh-meter when it comes to Adventures in Odyssey episodes! Almost every few seconds provides you with a new laugh! I laughed my head off!

This is a perfect example of four or my favorite characters. Eugene and Connie make the episode way funny, while Bernard makes it hilarious, and Whit evens it off with the day's moral! This is definitely an episode to hear!

AIO sure does have a wacky imagination when it comes to episodes! They turned a simple thing like missing money into a great fun-filled, moralized show with just their creativity! I really like Odyssey because everything is set in a small town setting and they learn wonderful lessons, with laughs along the way!

You have to hear this one!

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