The Truth Chronicles
Are there really right answers to questions about God, faith, and truth? The kids of Odyssey are about to find out! Can the Science Club discover the reality of Intelligent Design? Will Captain Absolutely triumph over the evil schemes of Dr. Relative? And what happens when kids are in charge of their own city--with no adults? There's absolute adventure ahead with these life-changing stories on seeing the world from a Christian perspective--and that's no lie.


Episodes Included
  • 16-page discussion guide for the whole family


Audio Preview



Listen to the first episode, "Here Am I," or download here, for FREE.


Album Notes


This audio release is designed to coincide with Focus on the Family's The Truth Project, a Christian worldview curriculum led by Dr. Del Tackett. Although this special collection contains never-before-released episodes, The Truth Chronicles does not fit within the chronological release of Odyssey albums. Instead, it is its own entity outside of the AIO series. An emphasis is placed on conveying to kids more overtly than what fans are used to hearing on Adventures in Odyssey. It may not fit on the shelf as part of the series, but it's definitely an album for new and long-time listeners to collect.



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